When a child soldier plays paint ball…

From The Moth,  a personal story told by Ishmael Beah, once a child soldier in Sierra Leone. Listen to his perspective when he plays paint ball with some toughs from New York City’s East Village. It’s a story that generates much laughter and cuts right through some of the nonsense in gangs and gun culture.


May 21, 2011. The Moth. Reading Between the Lions: Stories of the New York Public Library. Photo by Sarah Stacke

Because it’s Funny Bone Friday, Episode #9, and we all need our funny bone tickled.

11 thoughts on “When a child soldier plays paint ball…

  1. JoHanna Massey says:

    Goodness. Love it when I am just pulled into a good story. This young man is truly in the midst of a BIG LIFE. Learning that he has a book is great. I have a bookstore visit scheduled this week.

    Thank you for this important and interesting piece.


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