Got the post-Brexit jitters/blues?

Time for celebration. Or not. Time for a drink or four and time for a thrashing dance. Or not. Always time for a box of chocolates. And definitely time for a laugh.

Episode #11 Funny Bone Friday

(Post Script. June 30th/16)  Of course it’s a terrible shame that those in the UK who value their EU citizenship will lose it, and that the value of the pound is taking a hit and there will be short-term structural economic repercussions, but what’s missing from the post-Brexit media coverage here in Canada are two important things: (1) respect for the British voters who have chosen their path, the majority of which no doubt based their decision upon intelligent conviction rather than baser instincts or gullibility, and (2) discussions around the very real possibility that this event spells the beginning of a global movement against the rapacious greed of international corporatism.

Rump Tower

After a week of that loud buffoon posing as a U.S. presidential candidate whose name will not be uttered here because he should be ignored if not banished, somebody in Vancouver suggested that we ought to rename the downtown tower by removing the T.

Of no relevance whatsoever to Mr. Mouthpiece, here’s a short and silly video of a dog and his canine ventriloquist that always makes me laugh.

Because it’s Funny Bone Friday Episode #10 and we all need our funny bone tickled.

When a child soldier plays paint ball…

From The Moth,  a personal story told by Ishmael Beah, once a child soldier in Sierra Leone. Listen to his perspective when he plays paint ball with some toughs from New York City’s East Village. It’s a story that generates much laughter and cuts right through some of the nonsense in gangs and gun culture.


May 21, 2011. The Moth. Reading Between the Lions: Stories of the New York Public Library. Photo by Sarah Stacke

Because it’s Funny Bone Friday, Episode #9, and we all need our funny bone tickled.