Game of Thrones

You’ve got an inexhaustible quantity of warriors—maiming, killing, torturing, lobbing off heads, blood spilled in every imaginable way, a gore fest. And you’ve got women (yes, I see there are a few with power) who are regularly stripped, stalked, chased and raped, paraded, humiliated, degraded and raped, slapped, hung and shot through with arrows and raped. Naked trinkets, sexual fantasy fodder, worms on the hook to keep viewer ratings up.
And speaking of ratings, what about that 18A classification due to the “Mature Themes”. Episode after episode, season after season, all the men are clothed, nary a cock in sight. Let me repeat: nary a cock in sight. Occasionally a naked butt, otherwise an extraordinary absence. Makes me want to cackle long and hard into a megaphone. Talk about a lack of mature themes. Does anybody else see a kingdom-sized anxiety complex being perpetuated here?