Picnic at Spanish Banks with Les Miserables

on the beach on this perfect summer evening
I’ve laid out a Mexican blanket woven with turquoise and ochre
and a fine spread of wild sockeye with tarragon
parmesan rolls and French organic wine
glass goblets from home and snap peas
picked fresh from my pesticide-free garden

but you two barely notice, mumble solemn
sour notes from the hymnal of marital discord

the wind plays with our hats and our hair
dogs scamper, digging arcs of sand
the sea undulates whale grey full of grace
a waning moon tugs the sun down for sinking
into night’s embrace and cool cerulean

but all the while your feet are stuck in cement
wiggling against boredom and torment

poster children for a life of solitude
and a waste of my good peas

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